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16             Editor-in-chief’s wElcome
         06 Our Mission
               Director’s MESSAGE
         08 Introduction to CES

               O P INION
         12 Wake up to Experiential Learning – Living Lab with the


               A RTWOR K
         56 Nature Art by AI

               S P OTLI G HT
         16 A Brief History of Life

         29 Enhancing Seed Supply of Native Australian Species for use

                 in Restoration

          24 The Outcome of the 26th Conference of Parties of the

                 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

         38 Bacteria for Electricity Generation in Microbial Fuel Cells
         46 Ecotourism Un(explained)
         76 COVID-19 Lockdown: Is it a “Blessing in Disguise” to Teach

                 us Lessons to Combat Air Pollution?

         92 Mosquito Breeding Grounds and Disease Burden in Sri


               r ep o r t s
         53 Green and Sustainable 5G/6G for a Connected World
         82 Estimation of Environmental Assesment Endpoints Through

                 Environmental Modelling: A Cost-Effective Method

         84 Human-Elephant Conflict with Reference to Mahaweli

                 System C

         96 The K9s and the Clan!
        102 Are Ferns Edible? The Story of Two Diplazium Species in

                 Sri Lanka

          10 Regreen Hantana: Restoration of Degraded Lands

               P O E MS
          35 Mother Nature Speaks to the Human

               Travel Stories
         60 In Search of Avian Migrants….

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