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Editor-in-Chief                            Editor-in-Chief’s Welcome
     Nalin S. Gama-Arachchige, PhD                       Our mission

        Editor-Eco-Engineering                           It is uncomfortable to think that we all are trapped in
              C.S. Kalpage, PhD                             the only known habitable planet in our solar system or
                                                            perhaps in the whole universe. Out of aprox. 13 million
Editor-Environmental Management                           species living on earth, only one species, Homo sapiens
     Maheshi Danthurebandara, PhD                         sapiens became civilized and began to fast-track altering its
           Editor-Agroecology                             environment to a point of no return. The quest of humans
       Samantha Dissanayake, PhD                          for world domination has led to an unprecedented level of
             Editor-Sociology                             ecosystem destruction and overexploitation of resources.
                                                          With the current rate of utilization of limited resources and
   Dinushika Yapa Abeywardhana, BA                        poor management, in the near future we might ended up
        Editor-Natural Sciences                           fighting with our fellow humans for the last drop of fresh
                                                          water and last ounce of sustenance. So, where should we
      Chathurika Munasinghe, MPhil                        start?
            Editorial Assistant                           With the launch of CES BIOME, we are rekindling the urge
                                                          for environmental awareness among people all over the
        Nilushi L. Dasanayake, PhD                        world. Thus, I welcome you to join with us twice a year
            Graphic Designer                              from 2022 onwards, to share the knowledge generated from
                                                          environmental research and experiences and opinions of
       Sachith P. Abeysundara, PhD                        environmentalists. I hope that our effort on disseminating
                 Web Editor                               knowledge related to environment, would make a positive
                                                          attitudinal change in the society to treat all life forms with
        Pramuka Weerasinghe, BSc                          respect and to wisely utilize natural resources, so that our
                                                          future generations (not limited to humans) would not be
               CONTACT US                                 deprived of the present-day comforts.

                CES BIOME                                                                                  				
  Center for Environmental Studies                        To kick-start the mammoth task of environmental awareness,
                                                          in this issue, Professor Alwis opens discussion on the
           Geography Building                             importance of experiential learning in environmental studies.
        University of Peradeniya                          Dr. Ukuwela summarizes the history of life on earth to
                                                          remind us, that we are just one species which roamed the
                 Peradeniya                               earth. Professor Marambe reports on the plans of COP26
                  Sri Lanka                               to limit global warming to 1.5 °C above the pre-industrial
                                                          era. You will be then exposed to how Dr. Turner and the
                    20400                                 team tackle seed supply chain logistics for restoration
                                                          projects. Dr. Weeraratne and Professor de Silva report on
   Email:                          mosquito breeding grounds, disease prevalence and control
        Phone: +94 81 239 2679                            stratergies. How a virus made the air more breathable is
          Fax: +94 81 238 9003                            explained by Dr. Elangasinghe. Even though our travelling
                                                          was limited to grocery shopping during the pandemic, with
        © CES University of Peradeniya                    the opening up of countries, Dr. Seelagama uncovers the
                                                          greenwashing of so-called ecotourism. Having read Dr.
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