Submission Guidelines


At CES BIOME we call for contents related to the environment, science, culture and technology through advertisements for each issue from expert and amature environmentalists. The advertisement on calling for contents will be published on CES BIOME webpage and social media sites. Further, we invite experts in the field to submit their work on special topics for each issue. Please note that we only entertain ideas with scientific merit and promote environmental awareness. All submissions will be evaluated by the theme editors and subject experts for scientific accuracy and relevance before publication.

Types of Content:

  • Feature articles: An article that deals in depth with a particular topic
  • Opinion articles: An article which expresses the writer's personal opinion
  • Comment articles: An article that comments, analyzes or discusses an event/ issue
  • Stories on outdoor activities
  • Interviews
  • Infographics
  • Botanical/zoological drawings or nature drawings
  • Nature photographs
  • Poetry

ARTICLES (Feature, opinion, comment, stories, interviews, etc.,)

Before drafting your manuscript:

  • Please make sure we haven't covered your topic in our previous issues by checking the already covered topic list on our website
  • Select a current or interesting topic you think that people all around the world would like to read.

When drafting your manuscript:

  • Use a word processing software (MS WORD) to prepare your manuscript. DO NOT break your text into columns or add any styling to your text.
  • Draft your manuscript and make sure that it is less than 1,500 words.
  • Avoid using too much technical jargon. We recommend you to define technical terms so that the public will be able to understand them.
  • DO NOT include in-text citations. However, include a list of references according to APA 7 style
  • Come up with an attractive, simple and accurate title for your work.
  • WE DO NOT accept plagiarized content. Therefore, make sure that you submit plagiarism free content.

Artwork for manuscripts:

  • We encourage you to submit ORIGINAL artwork, graphics, figures, tables, sketches, photographs, etc., to accompany your article. Make sure that you own the copyrights to those content.
  • We DO NOT accept artwork, graphics, figures, tables, sketches, photographs, etc., downloaded from the internet or copied from other publications (Even if they are listed under CC license).
  • Artwork, graphics, figures, sketches, photographs, etc., must be submitted separately as .png, .jpeg, .jpg, or .tiff file formats with 300 dpi or above and 24 bit color depth. Please rename your artwork file according to the order they appear in the text (e.g. figure 01, photo 02, etc.,).
  • We encourage the authors to mention the figure number(s) in the appropriate place where the figure should appear in the manuscript. Please DO NOT embed the artwork in the main text.
  • Authors are also encouraged to submit one or two pull-quotes to be included in the article.


Email your manuscript as a .docx file and artwork according to aforementioned formats to with a cover letter addressed
to the Editor-in-chief.

Review and acceptance process

The manuscripts will be evaluated by the theme editors and decide if the content is within the scope of the magazine. If the content is appropriate, the manuscript will be sent to a subject expert for review. Review process will be single-blind and the recommendation of the reviewer will be taken into consideration prior to making the final decision. If there are any revisions to be done, the manuscript will be returned to the authors, and upon receipt of the revised manuscript, the decision will be taken to accept or reject the manuscript. Authors will be notified of the final decision via email.

ARTWORK (Drawings, Photographs, infographics, etc.,)

  1. You can submit your original digital photographs, digital artwork and scanned images of drawings, with environmental interest with a short description of the topic you are covering.

  2. We also entertain artwork submissions for the articles we publish in each issue. If you are interested in contributing, you can contact the editor-in-chief to know the themes which you can contribute to(graphic designing, botanical drawings, nature art, etc.,).
  • Use online color files (RBG mode) when saving your artwork. Since the magazine is published online only, there is no need to submit files in CYMK mode.
  • You can submit your files in one of the following formats, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, or .tiff with minimum dpi of 300 or more and 24 bit color depth.
  • DO NOT submit artwork downloaded from the internet, copied from other publications or edited from existing artwork.


Email your manuscript as a .png, .jpeg, .jpg, or .tiff file to with a cover letter addressed to the Editor-in-chief. If the file size is too large to email, you can use Google Drive to share your file/s.


We accept original poetry related to nature, environmental awareness, conservation etc., Email your manuscript as a .docx file to with a cover letter addressed to the Editor-in-chief.